ERW Steel Pipe

What Is ERW?

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What is ERW? ERW is an abbreviation of electric resistance welded pipe. It is plate rolled to turn out to be a pipe and welded by making use of the process of electric resistance welding.

ERW tubing is not as physically powerful as DOM tubing (Drawn over Mandrel tubing). Typically when tube is produced, it begins with as a level sheet and this is rolled up into a pipe and welded. Drawn over mandrel tubing is generally made the similar way but there is an additional process where this pipe is drawn through a die together with a mandrel to manage the inner and outer diameters of the tube. This additional procedure strengthens the steel because it is cold made by up to twenty percent. Another kind of common tubing is Chrome-Moly as well recognized as Molybdenum / Chromium Steel. This kind of steel also employs the similar procedure but has these extra elements inside the steel alloy that boost strength even more. Chrome-Moly is mostly employed in tubing for automobiles and other functions more than 3500 lbs. Motorcycle frames are produced from both DOM tubing and ERW tubing.

ERW pipe is categorized into many different types. Welded steel pipe, which is also recognized as pipe, is produced by bending strip or steel sheet, and after that welded. In accordance with the weld form it is categorized into spiral and longitudinal pipe. Based on end-use, it is divided in to the following types:

General pipe: it is used to convey low pressure fluid; it is additionally called as black pipe.

Galvanized steel pipe: so as to get better the steel pipes’ corrosion resistance, it is usually coated with some zinc on the facade of general steel pipe, which is known to be galvanized steel pipe.

Blowing oxygen: this type of pipe is employed for blowing oxygen in the process of steelmaking. Usually they are pipes with small diameter.

Electric wire conduit: it is widespread welded carbon steel tube and utilized in concrete and a range of distribution and structure projects.

Metric pipe: The dimensions are usually similar with seamless pipe. Materials are almost of general tropical low-alloy steel, ordinary carbon steel or quality carbon steel.

Roller tube: it is employed for belt conveyor.

Transformer tube: it is employed for cooling pipes of transformer and some type of heat exchangers; ordinary carbon steel is the material usually used.

Shaped tubes: The materials that are employed to produce it are 16Mn or ordinary carbon structural steel.

Welding thin-walled tube: it is principally used to make lamps, furniture, toys, and so on.

Spiral welded steel pipe: it is manufactured to roll the low alloy steel strip or low-carbon structural steel based on the angle of the forming angle (known as the spiral line) rolled into the pipe and after that welded jointly, It is able to produce large diameter steel tube by thin strip.