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Spiral Pipe (Spirally Welded Products)

Most spirally welded steel pipe is manufactured to order, given specific outer diameter, wall thickness, grade, steel strength, and length. Turn around time is incomparable for a quality produced product. Spiral pipe is economical and has a long cycle life giving your project reliability every time.

Spiral pipe suppliers and manufacturers can supply the construction industry with new and used spiral steel pipe, and also have available to us New Mill Reject and Prime as well. they purchase and sell spiral in a range of sizes from 16.00” small O.D pipe through to 96.00” large O.D; with mill contacts they can even achieve higher Outer Diameters. Wall thicknesses available are .250” up to .750”. Due to the expert manufacturing method, a wide variety of diameters can be produced.

Lengths available are almost endless but because of transportation we do have some limitations. Grades available are ASTM, API, and AWWA specifications.

Application uses are dredging, slurry, floating docks for marinas, road casing, road boring, penstocks, fabrication, pillars and pilings. There are many applications that you can use Spiral Pipe and Tube for. If your not sure if it can be used in a certain application check with the pipe distributor or manufacturer.

All types of paints and coatings are available for spiral pipe. Fusion Bond Epoxy, Coal Tar Epoxy and many other protective paints and coatings. Some companies however have some limitations on location,

Always consult your supplier before you start your next project. This is for general information purposes only.