Driven Bored Piling
Driven Bored Piling

Sheet Piling Terminology

Retaining walls and cofferdams are the main applications for sheet piling. Continuous Flight Auger Piling generally being ideal for environmental and noise sensitive sites. These types of piles are for both load bearing piles and excavation support. (Can otherwise be known as Auger Cast Piles.)

No casing is required, for a hollow stemmed continuous flight auger is rotated into the ground to the required depth or degree of resistance. A high slump concrete mix is then poured or pumped down the stem of the auger. While the concrete is pumped, the auger is slowly withdrawn. A shaft of fluid concrete is formed to ground level.


A tripod rig to install piles is one of the more traditional ways of piles and although unit costs are usually higher than with most other forms of piling, it has several advantages which have ensured its continued use through to the present day.

Piling products are throughout the globe. There are various stocking locations and mill contacts so that pipe piling suppliers are not limited in fulfilling your requirements.