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Driven Piles or Bored Piles are for foundation building when the soil near the ground surface cannot handle the weight of a building or structure. Thus requiring it is carried by deeper soil layers. Penetration tests would be performed to measure the strength or bearing capacity of the soil. Pilings can be done with many different types of materials. There are steel pipe piles, HP-bearing piles, sheet piles, timber piles, concrete piles and plastic.

Piling materials are available in many different grades. They are not limited by size or quantity requirements. Driven Piles can be prefabricated and driven in various ways. Using a hydraulic hammer, a diesel pile driving rig, a vibrator or can also be formed on site in a bore hole.

Most piling distributors have the ability to supply pipe & piling materials for different requirements: Rotary Bored Piling, Micro Piling, Piled Walls, Continuous Flight Augured Piles,

Larger diameter piles often are Rotary Bored through hard or stiff strata. Methods will vary depending on the site. Boring can be performed in either wet boring, when the stratum is water-logged or in dry ground conditions.

Each method employs a temporary casing. The wet boring method would use temporary casing when the pile cannot be sealed against water entering. A digging bucket would drill through soils to the required depth. A reinforcing cage would then be lowered into the bore and concrete is placed in. After which the temporary casing is removed.

The Dry boring methods is similar to the wet boring method, but at times the casing is left in place and not removed as temporary.

Mini Piles are utilized when there is low headroom or otherwise restricted areas. Many companies offer a full range of mini piling services using hydraulic pressure or percussive and rotary.

Micro Piles / Mini Piles

Mini Piles can be installed using jacking, vibrating, drilling, impact driving, or screwing machinery.

The mini piles or micro piles are often grouted as shaft bearing piles. Also see: Tripod Piling & Sheet Piling Be sure to checkout our various steel products, materials and services that companies offer on our site.

This information is for general purposes. Always consult a piling dealer before purchasing any piling. Browse our construction materials directory for various pipe and tube products and services..