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Steel pipe and tube fencing has always been the most durable and versatile fencing system because it lasts for years. Companies sell steel pipes in 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” O.D which is the most common fence pipe sizes for posts and rails. Most companies offer alternate sizes as well for the creative rancher. Their stock is bare material ready for painting/priming. A fence designed and built out of steel pipes will increase the value of your property, not to mention, the economical bonus of using this type of fence. 

Most fencing pipe is direct from the mill so companies have a consistent. 
We have heard it said that the days of cutting, welding and painting your own fence are gone. We don’t believe it! The cost is a fraction to do the work yourself then call a company to install your fence, that’s why the need for steel pipe and tube in fencing sizes is still one of the most popular requests we receive today. 

Fencing pipe and tube comes in smaller diameters and is used for horse fencing, corrals, gates, cattle fences, and not to mention, when getting to diameters of up to 6-5/8” it’s perfect for pipe bollards too! When designing your fencing system, parking lot or land improvement project give.