Corrugated Steel Pipe

Corrugated Pipe

Corrugated Steel Pipe

The uses of Corrugated Steel Pipe varies, but a few things that everybody seems to agree on is that corrugation pipe is economic, durable, rugged, easily installed and maintained, and is readily available to meet their drainage needs. This type of corrugated pipe is popular in Canada because of the climate conditions. Some of the uses for corrugation pipe include tunnels, bridges, large buildings and manufactured detention systems. Corrugated steel pipe can perform where rigid pipe fails. It has the ability to transfer live and dead loads to the surrounding soil creating steel/soil interaction. Its loads are distributed uniformly around the entire circumference of the round pipe.

(CSP) Installation

It has the ability to be installed upon somewhat imperfect foundations and to perform on difficult construction sites rated highly with respondents. The breakage of corrugated pipe is not a problem It will easily survive the handling on sites, with little difficulty.

Standard Corrugated Pipe (ASTM A760 / A760M - 09 Standard Specification for CSP, Metallic-Coated for Sewers and Drains)

These specifications cover the standard requirements when using corrugated, metallic-coated steel pipes in applications such as sewers, storm water drainage, under drains, culverts construction, as well as others. This type of piping is not normally used for the industrial wastes or conveyance of sanitary. This specification however does not include requirements for backfill and bedding, or the relationship between earth cover load and the sheet thickness of the corrugated pipe.

The steel sheet used for the pipe, steel inserts, and coupling bands will be formed from zinc-aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated sheet, aluminum-coated sheet, zinc-coated sheet, aluminum-zinc alloy-coated sheet, or zinc and aramid fiber composite coated sheet.

The rivets used in the riveted pipe will be of the same material as the base metal specified for the corrugated sheets and will be thoroughly sherardized or galvanized. The nuts and bolts and other threaded items used in joining the systems together will be zinc coated by a hot dip processing, electroplating, or mechanical processing. The pipe will then be fabricated in a full circular cross section with either annular or helical corrugations. Then the seams will be spot welded in such a manner that they will develop the full strength of the pipe. This will not affect the actual shape or nominal diameter of the pipe. Then a rational analysis or a suitable physical test will then be performed on the corrugated pipe to determine if the specified structural properties of the joining systems such as moment, shear and tensile strengths.

(CSP) Corrugated Steel Pipe Sizes

Corrugated pipe suppliers / distributors and corrugated pipe manufacturers can supply you with diameters 12" to 48" with the 2-2/3 x 1/2 standard corrugation profile. The standard gage of pipe is 16 in either galvanized or aluminized coatings. Larger diameters are available from the distributor upon request. Besides buying, corrugated pipe you might also be interested in selling your corrugated pipe, culvert corrugated pipe or stainless steel corrugated pipe. Many surplus distributors will be open to offers.

Please Note: This information may not be 100% accurate, and used for informational purposes only. Please consult your CSP supplier when purchasing.